WebRTC Server implementation inside your environment

WebRTC Server implementation inside your environment

WebRTC On-Site Integration

In BrowseTel Cloud deployment the BrowseTel users do not care about the equipment and resources of the system. The entire platform is hidden somewhere in the internet cloud and the communication operator (BrowseTel or a partner company) takes care of the proper system behaviour.

Within Customer premises deployment, the customer is in possession of the BrowseTel equipment. He completely manages it and take care of the resources. BrowseTel offers initial platforms with predefined quantity of communication channels (e.g. 120, 240, ...).

Increasing of the system capacity is directly connected to the equipment, which can be upgraded. Scalability of the system can be achieved also by clustering of the system.


On a 3rd Party request the BrowseTel components can be customized to the user's needs by implementing the BrowseTel RTS API to integrate with the external existing systems.

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