Audio/Video/Data communication inside web browser

Audio/Video/Data communication inside web browser

A cloud-based communication ecosystem.

A system based on WebRTC technology that enables voice, video and data communication through a browser without any additional plug-ins or software. The technology is fully supported by Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers. Wherever the Global Internet is accessible, BrowseTel can be found!

BrowseTel solution is a genuine WebRTC platform, which enables the user communication within the Web, by using generic Web protocols only. Communication between the BrowseTel users is performed without need to install any dedicated hardware devices (except the user’s microphone, loudspeaker and video camera). Communication can be performed via voice, video or instant messaging.

The BrowseTel itself presents the platform of the system, which is manageable by the BrowseTel Dashboard, while it’s users communication is held over the BrowseTel WebPhone and numerous other services such as click-to-call, video call, web chat selfservices and automated IVR services.

While WebRTC initiative has enabled direct integration with user's browser, BrowseTel has not only implemented the traditional communication services (audio call, fax) within the browser but also success to broaden the user experience from traditional user-to-user communication to multiuser services, such as audio, video or chat conference. And even more – during the call to your contact center your customer and agent can now enjoy in direct screen sharing of the content pages and transfering of the desired files.

While WebRTC users can connect to BrowseTel without having any dedicated communication device – their only tool is a Web Browser or a QR code reader installed on a smart phone, other – traditional communication networks users can interconnect to BrowseTel users via BrowseTel WebRTC2SIP Gateway.

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