We deliver new technologies since 1994

We deliver new technologies since 1994

CDE IT d.o.o.

is an innovative, successful, mature company that always strives to be one step ahead of all the others. Innovation is the core of our business approach since it enables us to tackle the situation on the market. We enable our partners and clients to make their communications and customer relations better, faster and more efficient and to get more and better business opportunities.

The success of our business approach is confirmed by our stable position in the market. Since 1994 we remain true to our basic values - reliability, expertise, quality, development and flexibility. These have enabled us to remain true to ourselves and our business partners, with whom we have long term cooperation.  

Our operations are focused on the development and integration of advanced information and telecommunication technologies, with an emphasis on solutions for customer support, customer relationship management and customer engagement management.

Our team brings together over 15 employees and co-workers. Each member is a professional in his field of expertise and an important contributor to our success.

Our everyday motivation

is to develop our own potential and discover new solutions for our clients. Our experience has shown us that our clients are the best teachers.

Such knowledge is the result of good partnership relationships, which are the basis for good work processes, and represents one of our major competitive advantages. The desire to succeed is the unifying force of our company, and we try to transfer this passion also to our business partners.

We do not fear new challenges!

We are aware

of the challenges that mark the path to long term success. Success only comes to those who take every new challenge as an opportunity for personal and business growth, like us - always striving to use our knowledge and profound understanding of the business environment.

Both factors are of considerable importance in developing appropriate programme solutions in telecommunications and computer supported technology.

We invite you to become acquainted with what we are capable of and welcome you to a company where the future will become the present.

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