Leverage the power of WebRTC technology

Leverage the power of WebRTC technology

While a traditional and/or VoIP PBX offers their users a set of communication services via PRA or SIP signaling and internal analog, ISDN or SIP communication, the WebRTC initiative enables the user to communicate directly from his Web Browser by using the Internet as the communication media. No traditional communication unit such as PBX is needed anymore.

COCOS WebRTC to SIP Gateway 

COCOS WebRTC to SIP Gateway (WebRTC2SIP GTW) enables communication between the VoIP PBX and WebRTC users. By setting the WebRTC2SIP GTW between existing SIP enabled PBX and the WebRTC user, the PBX user can call the WebRTC user directly from his phone terminal and vice versa.

By using WebRTC2SIP GTW the traditional PBX provider obtains new users and lowers costs of e.g. international calls. On the other hand his users get opportunity to use new WebRTC services such as:
  • click-to-call,
  • video call,
  • video conference,
  • web chat,
  • screen sharing,
  • file transfer, etc.

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