Why decision to work with us?

Why decision to work with us?

Some words by our clients


Poslovni sistem Mercator, d.d.

Industry: retail. Mercator is the leading Slovenian and south-eastern Europe retail chain.

“Of all the companies offering such services, we chose this company from Slovenia, CDE nove tehnologije d.o.o. They convinced us with a broad range of good practices, many years of experience in the field of implementing and managing customer care systems (contact centers, CRM systems, CIM systems, etc.), and above all by understanding our requirements and expectations. We chose a partner who together with us follows our business vision and development and helps us achieve established objectives with its solutions. Every day, their reliability, professionalism, quality, innovativeness, and above all flexibility confirm that our decision was the right one.

In our years of cooperation, together we have designed and implemented an effective system for supporting users and managing relations with our customers in Slovenia as well as in Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition to set up our own COCOS contact center, we are outsourcing also CDE.contact.studio that provides top-quality contact center support services with highly trained staff 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

We were looking for and have found a reliable long-term partner that understands our objectives, follows trends, responds to new trends, and constantly upgrades its products and solutions by means of its forward-looking orientation. ”

Marketing and Development
Goran Žarić
Head of Department

Intesa Sanpaolo Card d.o.o.

Industry: payments. Intesa Sanpaolo Card is a provider of payment solutions and a member of Intesa Sanpaolo Group, one of top banking groups in the euro zone.

“We at Intesa Sanpaolo Card invested significant time and effort in the selection of right technology partner for our contact centre and have chosen to partner with CDE nove tehnologije d.o.o. as they support our business goals, strong commitment to operational excellence, customer satisfaction and innovation that helps grow business. Our contact centre infrastructure is supported today by the COCOS VoIP solution.

CDE is technology supplier that proves to be truly committed to meeting our evolving customer service needs. They show exceptional reliability and ease-of-doing business throughout processes of planning, development, training, implementation and business as usual.

CDE proved to understand the real world of customer service and to have the technology to support it.”

Marjeta Melan
Head of Call Center Unit

Horizont Skupina d.o.o.

Industry: retail and energy. 

“Experienced clients are very important for our company. We needed a technological solution that would help us satisfy clients with our services and at the same time support our business objectives. We chose CDE due to its competence, experience, and ability to understand our specific professional requirements, wishes, and work processes, as well as the need to integrate our contact center system with our background systems (financiral, etc). That was in 2006, and thus far we have not been disappointed. COCOS software solutions are in line with the latest technological trends and ensure that we can optimize our business processes while lowering operating costs. We have upgraded the COCOS Contact Center solutions (the CIM solution) over time with COCOS outsourcing servicesIn addition to the exceptional professionalism of the staff and the quality of the services provided, one advantage of an integrated solution is the system, application, and even more importantly, DB connectability of our and CDE’s contact centers. This enables us to have a unified overview of all interactions with our clients, regardless of who is involved in such, greater flexibility with regard to the number of resources necessary to provide optimal support to our clients, and to optimize expenses. We are delighted to have chosen CDE to be our long-term partner.”

Anita Kumrič

Si.mobil d.d.

Industry: telecom. Si.mobil is mobile operator in Slovenia and a member of Telekom Austria Group.

“CDE is the software supplier for the Si.mobil IP call center. It also maintains and regularly upgrades our call center. We work with a team of top experts who are capable of realizing all our requirements, concurrently suggesting the most optimal solutions, and implementing such by the agreed deadline. In addition to the high level of professionalism, CDE nove tehnologije also boasts excellent organization of both projects and regular tasks, together with professional and detailed documentation. Innovation, expertise, professionalism, and optimal solutions are advantages that cooperation with CDE ensures.

Ksenija Škrlj
Call Center Manager

Directa d.o.o.

Industry: marketing. Directa is providing direct marketing and advertising services with a vision to become a leading agency in the field of strategically targeted and integrated marketing solutions.

“When we decided on COCOS Contact Center hosting we were able to able to direct most of our resources to our main activity. We entrusted CDE with the tasks of providing, maintaining, and upgrading our IT infrastructure, which is its primary activity. In such a manner, we eliminated the burden of investing in equipment and at the same time gained greater flexibility, which in the end results in a competitive advantage.

Aljaž Seliškar
Project Director

Raiffeisen Banka d.d.

Industry: finance. Raiffeisen Banka is a subsidiary of Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI), which is the leading banking group in Central and Eastern Europe.

“There are numerous reasons why Raiffeisen Krekova Banka decided to hire the capacities of an external call center. The most important reason is our customers. In addition to our original idea of providing support for the sale of personal loans, we wanted to provide our customers safe, comfortable, fast, and efficient banking services, which to a large degree we have succeeded in doing. Another important factor is the economics of setting up and operating a hired call center in comparison to one’s own call center. Last but not least, global banking trends are an important factor – and such are moving in the direction of hiring call center capacity. And when sales results and the results of customer satisfaction surveys are also taken into account, I can conclude that hiring CDE services was a good deal for us.

Matjaž Kvas

Danone d.o.o.

Industry: food.

“Employees in Danone wish our consumers only the best, therefore their satisfaction is one our highest priorities. Due to the fact that we frequently organize extensive promotions, cooperation and trust in the services provided by a competent, efficient, and flexible organization is very important to us. With its efficient, flexible, and friendly services, CDE has satisfied all our requirements during the period of our cooperation.”

Carlos Vergueiro

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