Innovative solutions tailored by your needs

Innovative solutions tailored by your needs

Custom Projects

COCOS Turnkey Project - turnkey solutions on the COCOS platform are adaptive and unique solutions for business-specific needs.

Our knowledge and experience enables us to successfully manage the most demanding projects, from counselling to implementation and maintenance.

We employ state-of-the-art technology and carefully selected personnel in our work, since this is the only way to offer our customers what they deserve and expect: quality and a long term partnership. Being an innovative company, we aim to ensure a successful future for ourselves and our clients, primarily by making sure that our competitors are left far behind.

Specific needs require unique solutions.

The trend in the contemporary business world is moving from the production of goods towards adapting to the individual, which requires a change in products and services. Focusing on the customer and the effective and active use of the data on each individual customer, can significantly contribute to the competitiveness of the company.

However, one should be aware that in practice ensuring the loyalty and profitability of relationships with customers requires more than the mere establishment of a CRM analytical system. The first step is the organisation or arrangement and supervision of all interactions of the company (with regard to customers, suppliers, business partners, etc.). The next step is to understand how CRM should be adapted to suit the business strategy of the organisation, as well as the perceptions, motivations, loyalties of employees, etc.

We provide consulting to our partners in various industries with regard to the introduction of a variety of solutions from the field of telecommunications and customer engagement management, and ensure the implementation of the most appropriate solutions. Furthermore, we provide consulting to customers who need customised software applications or a specific working environment with regard to the design of the product, as well as its development and implementation.

Turnkey Project Implementation

Communication - the core of every turnkey solution

Our numerous references and a wide range of good practices represent some of our key competitive advantages. This enables us to prepare software solutions adapted to unique requirements of our clients.

In projects that require adaptation, the involvement of the client in the project documentation preparation process and the exact communication of requirements are of utmost importance. The participation of everyone involved and the ability to communicate at the professional level are of crucial importance in providing us with a good understanding of the client’s operating environment.

COCOS solutions can be tailor-made in the following fields:

  • telecommunications,
  • financial sector (banking and insurance),
  • retail and tourism,
  • publishing,
  • energy and utilities,
  • marketing and research,
  • other.

We listen to our client and provide solutions adapted to their needs. We implement various technologies, offering  products from standard COCOS portfolio or tailor made software solutions, that can be intended for a variety of operational systems and platforms: MS Windows, Linux, Windows Mobile, OSX, Android, iOS, etc.

Regarding architecture solutions are divided into:

  • online solutions,
  • independent software,
  • software adapted to the work of "Thin Clients" and
  • webRTC enabled solutions.

We can ensure you, that we are a reliable and longterm partner who follows trends and has a view to the future, responds to innovation and ensures continuous improvement.

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