Cloud, Hybrid or premises implementation to suit your needs

Cloud, Hybrid or premises implementation to suit your needs

Implementation Options

Today contact centres are transforming to customer engagement centres and as such becoming the most important factors of customer experience management and competitive advantage. Furthermore, they provide new selling approaches and generates new business opportunities.

But establishing your own customer engagement center can be a burden. We understand our clients and offer them a choice of implementation option.


If traditional IT product consists of software platform installed on number of hardware modules, the Cloud solution presents its virtualization. Enterprise service provider does not take care of the platform which is the property and responsibility of a specialized organization.

An organizational decision to "move to the cloud" - whether pure cloud or a hosted solution is not only a solution for small companies whose investment in their own contact center or customer engagement center solution would not prove economical, but also for large organisations that would prefer to invest in their business operations and entrust the performance of certain functions to professional partners.

COCOS cloud or hosted solution enables you:

  • significant cost savings,
  • no investment costs,
  • maintenance and upgrades are done by provider, so there is no technical obligations,
  • higher flexibility and lower risks,
  • fast deployment,
  • instant scalability, etc.

On the premise implementation means the solution platform and services are installed and connected to the communication networks on the enterprise provider's location. It requires purchase and on-site implementation of all required infrastructure equipment. The COCOS CEP comes in multiple configurations, depends on the organization’s infrastructure capacities and specifics.

Usually COCOS software is maintained remotely by the CDE technical support team, server and communication network infrastructure is maintained by the client’s IT department.


Hybrid implementation enable integration of local resources (e.g. data base …) with the cloud implemented enterprise services platform.

The solution is suitable for larger configurations and for configurations where integration with existing local services is foreseen. It offers a great level of scalability and maintainability from the aspect of the communication platform and security from the aspect of the customer services.

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