Make your job easy with our management tools

Make your job easy with our management tools

COCOS Management Tools

COCOS Administrator Tools and Analytics

Setting the COCOS Contact Center parameters, distribution of workload, on-the-fly supervision over the system activities, monitoring of the system diagnostics, statistics and reporting to increase its quality of service and predict the future behaviour is crucial for a success of a communication system.

COCOS Administrator Tools will do the job for you. Desktop or web application – depending on your system configuration enables you:

  • supervision of the entire customer engagement center operations,
  • real time monitoring of contact center activities enables:
    • an overview of individual agents’ status and productivity,
    • multichannel service level monitoring,
    • monitoring of waiting queues, overflows, appointments, etc.,
    • setting and monitoring of different service level and system alarms,
  • monitoring statistics and preparing historical reports, etc.,
  • easy administration of server parameters, administrators, agents, agent groups and campaign configuration:
    • real-time information enables supervisors to change priorities, agent skills, work load, etc. immediately when needed,
    • the distribution of traffic between the modules of contact center agents,
  • creating scheduled or ongoing campaigns based on customer segmentation and monitoring results,
  • agent desktop analytics for insights to his work efficiency, etc.
COCOS Multichannel Workforce Manager

It is important, that workforce optimization and contact center or CEP infrastructure work together. COCOS Multichannel Workforce Manager is built into the COCOS CEP, providing you a necessary tool for contact center workforce planning and optimization, enabling:

  • forecasting staffing needs based on historical data and statistical predictions based on planned activities,
  • scheduling the right number of agents based on their skills, work preferences, campaign needs,
  • strategic planning and real-time monitoring.

Together with other COCOS tools, such as: multichannel intelligent routing, customer feedback, recording, desktop / work analytics, etc. the solution helps you gain optimal customer experience, greater efficiency, increase agent productivity and customer loyalty.

COCOS Knowledge Base

In the customer service world, there can be so many information and data to remember. Contact center agents are on hourly bases bombarded with new information, data changes, new promotions,… and despite the constant training it is almost impossible to expect they can remember everything. In addition we want them to be efficient, provide excellent customer service and meet customer demands - provide right information and immediate answer.

So having an effective central knowledge base that is easily-accessible is important for the success of customer service.

COCOS Knowledge Base is web based application enabling establishment of centralized corporate knowledge base. Content of the service can be updated by administrators or operators according on their access rights. The content can include text, images, attached documents and links to other internal or external pages.

Statistics and reports enabled tracking of retrieved content of knowledge base. Module can be integrated with existing CRM/CIM system and supports additional features such as: integration of content provider’s database - tag recognition, information pulling based on tag list request, etc.

But the most important part of any knowledge base is the content and ease of use. It wouldn’t provide much value unless your customers actually use it, would it?

COCOS API Interfaces

The enterprises were not born yesterday. Large bases of existing data base ensure their business success. A number of specialised companies offer applications which cover different aspects of the enterprise business processes.

Each modernization in the enterprise workflow can be a risk if it is not tuned with the existing data and application platforms. If your enterprise is tied to existing solutions, if it already uses external applications and the changing of the working process or tools is not acceptable – then let it be.

By the use of our Application Programming Interface your problems can be solved. COCOS API Interfaces gives your company a freedom of choice – integration of your existing solutions with the newest COCOS communication and information technologies.

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