We serve more than 500 clients across 15 countries

We serve more than 500 clients across 15 countries

What We Offer Our Clients

We enable our clients to make their customer interactions and customer relations better, faster and more efficient and to get more and better business opportunities.

Trust. A value that is not common in the business world today, we would like trust to be the basis of our cooperation. In this way, we can jointly establish a relationship that believes in our business ideas. On the basis of trust we can accept decisions which might seem risky, although in the application phase they turn out to be extremely successful. Usually, the most successful relationships with clients are those that are based on trust. Such relationships bring out our best abilities and knowledge.

We devote our full attention to our clients and take into account the specific nature of their operations. Each solution is adjusted to the needs of a certain business environment, which is one of the bases for a successful customer relationship.

We offer clients support through all phases of their own continual development. We are aware that companies need someone to support and encourage such development.

We remain true to the company’s basic values – reliability, expertise, quality, development, and flexibility. These have enabled us to remain true to ourselves and our partners, with whom we are proud to have long term cooperation.

Over the years we have strengthened our position in the Slovene and foreign information technology market. Where we would be today without our business cooperation, we do not know. But we do know where we are – in the company of successful organizations where success is based on long term and continuous development.

Important Slovene and foreign company use COCOS solutions, especially in the following fields:

  • telecommunications,
  • finance (banking and insurance sector),
  • retail,
  • services and tourism,
  • publishing,
  • energy,
  • marketing and research,
  • and others.

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