Use our knowledge for your success

Use our knowledge for your success


More than 90% of business interactions broadly fall in one of the categories: customer and technical support, telemarketing and sales, collections, market research and directory services.

Whether you have a captive or an outsourced contact center, you will seek a competitive edge with a solution that:

  • reduces your investment in terms of time and money,
  • is easy to use for your agents, supervisors and IT,
  • is scalable and flexible,
  • maintains itself and does not require constant supervision.

CDE offers innovative inbound, outbound and blended solutions that are ideal for SMBs (Small and Medium Business) as well as enterprises. A wide range of COCOS products allows you to gradually build a system that is always optimally adapted to the needs of your organisation. With pre-integrated customer interaction management, database and reporting capabilities, as well as support of all communication channels (voice, email, fax, sms, chat, web, social networks, etc.) you do not need to invest in any additional components, while concurrently making sure that you do not compromise on the service quality.

We have successfully deployed our solution at multiple locations - in more than 15 countries and over 500 companies. Our vast experience has enabled us to understand the customers’ needs better and constantly improve our products over time. No wonder, we have become the leading contact center solution provider in the SMB segment in Slovenia. It ensures us constant growth and provides our customers confidence to have chosen the right partner.

We understand you. The bottom line for every business is increasing revenues, improving customer experience, and building brand loyalty. We will help you exactly with that.

Don't think of us a solution provider. Instead, consider us your business partner who looks out for your interests.

At CDE we do our best to satisfy the expectations of our customers. So our main goals are:

  • to offer quality, cost-effective and flexible solutions,
  • to reduce the maintenance costs of COCOS products & solutions,
  • to give our customers independence with the use and maintenance of our equipment,
  • to provide high-availability systems with optimal utilization of their features and hardware,
  • to respond quickly and to resolve queries addressed to CDE by its customers.

Our services include:

  • Technical and business consulting;
  • Maintenance and technical support;
  • User adaptability;
  • Professional training.

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