Changing the habbits with advanced PC phone functionality

Changing the habbits with advanced PC phone functionality


COCOS PC Phone (PC Phone) is a feature-rich, software-based PC phone system that combines the power of a desktop phone terminal with the most advanced communication technologies, such as WebRTC, available today.

The individual phone components and functions ease users’ telephone communications. A number of basic and supplementary telephone services can be used with a mouse and keyboard: dialing, answering, call pick-up, call transfer, conference call, speed dial, call hold, call redirection, integrated phonebook services, etc.

PC Phone can be established on different platforms and communication protocols. As a WebRTC application it can be initiated directly from Web Browser on any users device (computer, tablet, smart phone).

PC Phone can be used for practicaly all environments, starting from a PBX, enterprise communication networks, contact center, to a resident WebRTC user of the public communication provider.

Desktop PC Phone

When used as a desktop application PC Phone is installed on the users computer. It supports a large number of PBX supplementary services and can be used as a replacement or complement to the users traditional ISDN or SIP phone terminal.

WebRTC PC Phone

If PC Phone is used within the WebRTC services it is realized as a web application. As such it can be called from any WebRTC compliant web browser (Chrome, Firefox and Opera). In this way it can be initiated by any web browser user, regardless if he is a PBX or resident user and regardless on the user’s terminal (computer, tablet or smart phone).

As the WebRTC PC Phone is initiated directly within the web browser, it can be - depending on the user service, realized in simplified  but effective forms, such as Click-to-Call button placed in the enterprise web page or even as a QR code on it's a printed material.

WebRTC PC Phone user is also provided with some specific features such as video call, web audio or video conference, web chat, screen sharing and file transfer. In this way the PBX or call center can offer a number of new services to their users.

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