We transfer the knowledge backed by experience

We transfer the knowledge backed by experience


At our work and cooperation with our partners we are facing daily with various business aspects, processes and strategies. We are not only acting as a software solutions integrator, but more and more frequently assume the role of consultant, bringer of experiences (»best practice«) and educator. With our clients we share the recognition that people remain essential as we pursue our business goals.

Our colleagues with their knowledge and capabilities, their motivation and achievements, are our principle asset and advantage. Find ways to put them on the right road to finding solutions to a number of problems which they face in their daily work. Enable them to discover their true potential and develop it. Open up the possibility to them to do their utmost to acquire practical skills which can be of immediate use in their working environment.

Over the years, we establish our own training center with group of professionals, responsible for call center agent trainings, communication trainings, customer care trainings, technical and COCOS certified trainings, providing:

  • COCOS Professional Lectures,
  • COCOS Certified Professional Lectures and
  • Tailor-made programs.

Call.Center.College Programs

... communication connects!

COCOS Professional Lectures

COCOS lectures are intended to users of COCOS product and solutions.

The training objective is the user understanding of COCOS software operation and handling. The scope of training is customized to the client and COCOS solutions he is using.

COCOS Certified Professional Lectures

COCOS certified professional lectures are primarily intended to educate professional staff of SIS and OEM partners and advanced technical personnel who wish to independently perform COCOS application and system software upgrades.

Training programmes available:
Training methods:
  • lecture,
  • practical demonstration,
  • practical exercises – workshops,
  • discussion & brainstorming,
  • test.
Tailor-made Programs

The CDE Call Centre College training programmes are adapted to your needs and wishes, the business goals of your company, your colleagues and their roles on the path to the realisation of the vision of your business.

Before defining the set methods and approaches used in the programme we consult the management and those who can offer important information to define the desired outcome. This is done in order to carry out training successfully, aimed at the goals and vision of your company and on the basis of the work experience of the participants.

The basic elements of the educational training that you may choose from include communication, leadership and organisational culture, working with clients, motivation and stress. Programmes that serve as starting points have been prepared for individual training, focused on the main goal of specific training, while the practical implementation is subordinated to the working environment which the participants face daily and act in.

We build on experience instead of pure theory, which would have to be applied to real life.

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