Covid reshaped human behavior. Authentic customer centric approach is essential in 2021 and beyond.

Digital Magazin Link

(published by CIO Applications)

Seamless Customer Experience: The Key to Digital Transformation

Top 10 CEM Solution Providers - 2019

COCOS Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) Description
COCOS CEP White Paper - Next Generation Customer Relationship Management
To Digitalize Or Not To Digitalize?

I know what my definition of digitalization is. How about you?

COCOS CEP Omnichannel Customer Communications

COCOS CEP White Paper - Introduction to Omnichannel Customer Communications.

Enhance Customer Engagement and Experience through Omnichannel Communications

Could Online Shops Benefit from Salespeople?

Proactive sales support and customer assistance in a cross-channel environment is an incredible opportunity. To stay competitive you have to provide more responsivness and customer engagement over you web site to enhance customer expirience and increse sales.

COCOS Click-to-Call

COCOS CEP White Paper - short description of the COCOS Contact Center Click-to-Call integration.

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