The ultimate interaction management tool

The ultimate interaction management tool

COCOS Customer Engagement Platform (CEP)

We are living in the era of customer experience, where customer has a choice! And this customer demands a seamless experience across all channels and touch points.

Now imagine having a single view of every customer interaction with your business at your fingertips: from the moment they walk into your stores or office, visit your website, tweet about your products, or reach out to your call center for help.

The reality is: you need to think beyond the traditional CRM, which alone doesn’t increase loyalty or advocacy anymore. Today customer relationship management (CRM) is more relevant than ever, but to be successful it needs customer experience management (CEM) as well.

We give you a technology that can support the infinite possibilities and unique paths comprising your customers’ journey today. Multiple communication channels are driven inside single platform with complete campaign management tools for advanced segmentation and targeted interaction management.

COCOS CEP is an unique customer engagement platform that enables your business to evolve a traditional contact center into a customer engagement center.

Today contact center is more than just a call center. Customers have more ways than ever to interact with your company and they expect seamless customer experience every time, across all channels of contact. They expect agents to know them and their issues before beginning the conversation. And to provide truly great contact center customer experiences, you need customer data.
COCOS CIM / CRM module which stores all customer data and interaction records forms the heart of COCOS CEP. Together with intelligent multichannel routing, skill-based routing, real-time reporting and interaction recording across every channel – voice, email, fax, sms, web chat, social, documents, etc. gives your contact center agent a 360-degree view of the customer, enabling him to deliver a highly personalized, all-in-one approach to customer care.

COCOS Customer Interaction Management (CIM) enables your contact center to:

  • manage and blend inbound / outbound multichannel interactions over customer’s preferred channel: voice, email, fax, chat, sms, social media, documents, etc.,
  • support interactive waiting queues offering the customer a real multimedia experience and single queue list of all inbound contacts,
  • handle complex intelligent contact routing based on agent skills, customer segmentation, etc.,
  • create and manage proactive outbound campaigns,
  • monitor agents’ performance and efficiency in real-time, enabling work force optimization of all agents: on-site, remote-working, mobile employees, etc.,
  • unify communication,
  • record calls, screens, etc,
  • handle multi-language support,
  • move from ISDN to VoIP and WebRTC technology enabling various implementation options (on-site, cloud, hybrid),
  • grow according to your business needs, since COCOS CEP is highly scalable and flexible solution. It consists of a number of functional modules, which can be gradually added and are interconnected via SIP and SOAP based protocols.
Multi-Cross Channel Communication

Future is today. And today customer can interact with a company using multiple channels, often engaging them at the same time. It is important that we understand customer journey and enable her a seamless cross channel experience.

COCOS CEP enable unification of communication regardless of the used channel. Customer has a freedom of choosing his preferable channel. From his personal computer, tablet or smart phone he can make or receive an audio or video call, send or receive fax or e-mail. During chat users can co-browse or use screen and file sharing options. Making a contact was never easier, single click on a click2call button incorporated in the company's web page/app or by scanning a QR code on a printed piece of paper will do it.

COCOS CEP will help you deliver great customer experience across different channels and touch-points.

COCOS Interactive Waiting Queue

Customers become very frustrated when they need your assistance and have no-one to speak to at the other end. Instead of expected instance customer service support they are facing long waiting queue times with hold music in the background.

You can enhance your customer service with COCOS Interactive Voice Response features (COCOS IVR) that traditionally enables identification, segmentation and routing of callers to the most appropriate agent within your team. It is a simple and effective and will significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency within any company.

But customers today are already using more channels at the same time. While browsing through your web site they might need additional clarification and for that they can choose chat, call or video call option directly from the web site. And they expect no less than an instant customer care agent support.

At CDE we offer you a next generation of voice response features -> COCOS Interactive Waiting Queue offering the customer a real multimedia experience. While in a waiting queue (voice, chat or video), personalized multimedia content can be displayed, such as:

  • pre-recorded video message,
  • marketing adds or special offers,
  • web links or input forms,
  • self-service options, etc.

Implementation of Interactive Waiting Queue will certainly keep the customer engaged and most importantly, you will be able to provide him the best service, fully automated, 24 hours a day. Furthermore, customer care support is turning into sales and revenue generator and make the waiting time of the customer to his value added.

COCOS Self Services and Automated Services

It is all about customer experience throughout the customer journey! Customers expect you to make life easier for them, to respect their time and anticipate their needs.

As a large number of customer requests to the enterprise can have a predictable answer, empower your customers to quickly find the answer they need, using self and automated services. With COCOS, customer interactions will become simple and available 24/7.

COCOS Self Services offer you implementation of customer interactive voice dialogs or different interactive multimedia web services. If customer needs additional support, he can switch to traditional communication at any time, either by re-addressing his call to a receptionist, attendant or any preprogramed number. Or when using multimedia services by choosing agent co-browsing or screen-sharing support.

Traditional live agents alone can’t always meet the demands of today’s contact center support services. So, when large number of customers should be involved in communication the COCOS Automated Service features can be used, by using COCOS Voice Services.

Examples of such services is the COCOS Voice Services Server and it's services (e.g. Conference service and Notification service).

COCOS Proactive Outbound Manager

In the flood of information, touch points, communication channels available, customers often lack of information. That is why far too often, customer service professionals spend the majority of their time resolving customer complaints and problems.

It is a fact that majority of customers desire proactive communication!

COCOS Proactive Outbound Manager enables you to connect with and inform customers, anticipating their needs, reaching out with useful and timely communications, and triggering execution of the right transactions and outcomes at the right time by using:

  • advanced outbound call campaigns,
  • predictive dialling,
  • proactive notifications,
  • push notifications to mobile,
  • virtual agent services,
  • blended inbound/outbound campaigns.
COCOS multichannel outbound solution enables you to perform scheduled or ad-hoc campaigns to your customers via voice, email, text, fax, chat, etc.

Business benefits:
  • turning of contact center from cost to profit center,
  • reducing of inbound contact volumes, generating of new revenue opportunities and increasing of customer loyalty and retention by proactive communication,
  • increasing of agent productivity and lower labour cost – not at the expense of customer care,
  • enabling of greater availability and delivering of 24/7 customer service, delivering real-time information, etc. by automating certain processes with implementation of intelligent virtual agents.
COCOS Campaign Manager

COCOS Campaign Manager is a comprehensive and fully integrated campaign management platform that enables integrated planning, implementation and monitoring of personalised marketing campaigns from the aspect of communication. It directly uses all communication channels (email, direct classic mail, outbound calls, incoming calls, sms, chat, activity on the website – click, tasks, etc.) and together with COCOS CIM/CRM database creates a single customer view.

COCOS Campaign Manager enables users to quickly create, change, and manage simple marketing communication campaigns, as well as complex “multi-cross channel” campaigns.
It enables you:
  • content preparation and planning of integrated marketing campaigns including: campaign description, budgeting, time frame definition, selection of promotional activities within single campaign and selection of desired communication channels within campaign, etc.),
  • multi-cross channel support including: voice, fax, email, sms, chat, web, documents, social networks, mobile apps, etc.,
  • identifying of market segments and planning promotional activities for each segment: you can use external data bases or COCOS CIM/CRM data base for segmentation, before activating the campaign you can simulate results by selecting different scenarios, segmentation rules and communication channels, etc,
  • implementation, monitoring, review, analysis and assessment of marketing campaigns and related promotional activities,
  • complete integration with COCOS CEP and online shop, which enables you fully customized and personalized communications and real-time review of all interactions with your customers,
  • independent and quick creation of campaign content through templates.

COCOS Campaign Manager is a powerful tool which:

  • enables you to deliver your customers and prospects the right message at the right time,
  • automates and integrates the planning, execution and assessment of many number of parallel campaigns running monthly, weekly, daily, etc. or run campaigns that are triggered in response to customer behaviour or milestones (such as: contract expiration, dunning process deadlines, birthday, account opening, etc.),
  • helps you measure the profitability and maximize ROI of all ongoing campaigns,
  • increase response rates and campaign effectiveness by focusing on targeted customers and prospects,
  • helps you lower the cost, shorten campaign planning and real-time result tracking and adjustments.
COCOS Customer Feedback
The customer experience is a journey. On this journey single customer transaction consists of multiple interactions with your company, using different channels at different times. And it is important to know how your customer is experiencing each interaction.
Real-time customer feedback can help guide your decision-making, measure customer satisfaction and enabling you to promptly act on customers’ comments.
COCOS Customer Feedback enables you to gather customer opinion immediately following interactions at any touch point, via multiple channels (such as: IVR, web, email, text, forms, etc.). It helps you review customer satisfaction in real-time, interact with most valuable customers, improve service quality and maximize customer retention.
COCOS Client (Agent)
On one side seamless and effective customer experience across multiple communication channels is expected. But are your agents empowered to do so?
COCOS Client enables agents to use one application to support customer interactions across any channel - voice, video, email, web, chat, sms, social, fax, etc. It gives them a comprehensive view of the customer interactions and enables them proactive engagement with the customer at any time.
COCOS Client can be used as a desktop or web application, among others supporting:
  • multichannel communication,
  • pop-up forms for contact description (customer data, contact reasons,…),
  • tele-scripts,
  • appointments,
  • different agent statuses (login/logout/ready/not ready/etc.),
  • simple text chat using short messages between agents or administrators,
  • display of server messages, including messages about campaign status, call queues, contact status, etc.,
  • integration with COCOS VoIP softphone or WebRTC communicator enabling full set of telecommunication services (make call, release call, hold/retrieve, etc.),
  • multiparty communication with other agents and supervisors, such as: consultation call, conference call, screen transfer, etc.,
  • integration with COCOS databases or 3rd party systems, internet/intranet websites, etc.,
  • generation and review of work orders (tasks) for 2nd/3rd level support.
COCOS Recording

Call recording is an essential must of a communication system – either for special services users in the organisation or in a contact center.

COCOS Recorder will provide an audio record of the customer's audio or video call. Recording can be initiated while the call is within Call Waiting Queue or when the conversation with the agent starts. You can choose which calls must be recorded and which calls will be recorded only if that is a caller’s choice.

COCOS advanced solution – Secure Storage System enables highest security and controlled handling of recordings in the frame of the COCOS Contact Center. It ensures centralised, secure storage of all recordings, with different access rights, archiving settings, search options, etc.

COCOS Multichannel Routing Engine
Customers are not the same. They have different behaviours, expectations, life-cycle, loyalty status and at the end of the day represent different value to your organization. It is important for organization business strategy and brand development, to be able to make the right customer segmentation and optimal customer contact routing, each time a customer engage with your organization.
No matter which communication channel customer choose, the goal is to:
  • deliver the customer’s request to the most suitable currently available agent as soon as possible,
  • deliver proactive outbound contacts to the customer in an efficient way.

COCOS Multichannel Routing Engine can do it for you. It is a heart of the COCOS CEP providing:

  • contact blending of inbound and outbound contacts,
  • simultaneous automatic routing of all contacts from all communication channels,
  • smart contact routing based on customer segmentation to the most appropriate agent (skilled based routing and location based routing),
  • campaign or agent group or agent priority routing,
  • routing based on schedules, last agent handling the request, content driven, IVR options, etc.,
  • predictive dialling and advanced outbound algorithms that increase agents productivity,
  • etc.

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