User Adaptability

User Adaptability

User Adaptability

Specific needs require unique solutions.

Different enterprises have different communication requirements based on the nature of their business, scale of operation, organizational network and underlying IT & telephony infrastructure. Their communications solutions ought to be in synchronisation with their business requirements.

At CDE, we gradually build a long term relationship with each customer and provide for our mutual development. We take into account the business strategy and objectives of each company and ensure our partners quality and effective results. Our work processes are the result of a great deal of experience regarding good practice from the fields of banking, insurance, public administration, telecommunications, and many others – namely, significant projects where we have followed trends and needs together with our partners, and developed effective and advanced products and solutions. Over our years of operation it became crucial for us to be able to provide adaptable and adaptive COCOS solutions - effective adaptability to individual business processes and unique requirements.

We work on highly flexible (rather accommodating) and adaptive technology platforms, frameworks and solutions. Our innovative solutions accommodate changes as per the requirements of different clients, and effectively deal with all associated risks. This leads to productive, cost-effective and easy-to-use COCOS software solutions.

Our solutions are based on the COCOS platform. We offer intuitive and flexible tools, that can be simply and rapidly modified also after implementation, which enables quick adaptation to changes in the external and internal business environment of the organisation.

With COCOS tools it is easy to build CIM/CEP solutions for:
  • customer care and retention support,
  • contact center support,
  • loyalty programs support,
  • proactive campaign management,
  • online shop assistance,
  • telemarketing and sale,
  • market research,
  • financial consulting,
  • collection and dunning,
  • help-desk support,
  • admission and monitoring of purchase orders / contracts, etc.

Apart from standard contact center reports, COCOS allows you to generate many more different kinds of statistical reports, individual reports, campaign reports, call reports and system reports. Such comprehensive report structure would give managers and analysts a deep insight in to the performance of your agents, inbound, outbound or blended campaigns, and other performance parameters.

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