We are in constant search for win-win situations

We are in constant search for win-win situations

Become Our Partner

We are aware of the importance of the own development to any production company with a long-term direction. Therefore we are investing much time and means into the development of our software solutions. In parallel we managed to set up long-term business co-operations with important strategic partners in the fields of telecommunications, software development and multimedia, which ensure us continuous growth – now and in the future.

Our partner program is an initiative to expand CDE's environment by reaching out to the customers through like-minded, complementary business.

We are flexible and fast in recognizing a chance for synergy. We have rich experience in making successful connections, which has on many occasions turned out to be a ‘WIN-WIN' situation, or even better - 'WIN-WIN-WIN' - since at the end of the day, good partnership connections also bring benefits to the final customer.

We open the door to IT specialists and the world of voice telecommunications by emphasizing the uniformity of various communication channels and integration into business applications. Together we are stronger.

Who should consider?
  • IT and TK system integrators,
  • IT engineering company,
  • Telecom service providers (operators),
  • VAR – value-added resellers,
  • marketing agencies (with an emphasis on proactive marketing), etc.
Some benefits for the partner
  • strategic partnership, new business opportunities, additional revenue through sale,
  • new business models and opportunities (flexible implementation options: cloud, hybrid, premise, outsourcing),
  • possibility to use our reach experiences and wide range of best practices,
  • great sales and technical support for partners, accessibility to technical know-how,
  • wide range of COCOS products and solutions, which effectively complement the standard IT solutions (ERP, BI, data mining …),
  • high added value COCOS products and solutions,
  • 24/7/365 technical support,
  • possibility of joint ventures on the market, etc.
Referral Partners or Clients

Anyone who refers any potential partner or client with whom CDE enters into any business cooperation on the purchase, hosting or outsourcing of any COCOS products and solutions becomes a »CDE Referral Partner«.

We value our partners and are aware of the importance of WIN-WIN relationship. Therefore, all »Referral Partners« are awarded with appropriate commission - depending on the form of mutual cooperation.

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