Power behind the voice with our advanced Voice Services Server

Power behind the voice with our advanced Voice Services Server

Many years of experiences are reflected in our approach how our products and solutions should serve our customers. Our goal is to address the needs of the customer quickly and through their preferred communication channel and that leads to increasing participation as well as customer satisfaction.

COCOS Voice Services Server

While a traditional PBX offers its users a set of standard supplementary services, some of advanced services are to be implemented separately as external services. The reason is in their complexity (e.g. simultaneous calls to a number of users) or in a possibility of introducing of automatic voice response without involving a physical person in a call.

COCOS Voice Service Server (VSS) enables automation of some frequently used services, such as:

  • Interactive Voice Response,
  • Auto Attendant,
  • Voice Mail,
  • Conference Server,
  • Notification Server.

VSS as a platform for all this services is realized as an external device which can be connected to an existing PBX via SIP or PRA protocol. One VSS server can simultaneously serve several PBXes.

VSS services can be introduced simultaneously regardless on their type or number of used channels. Control over the service management and activity is implemented via dedicated management application.

COCOS Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR service enables you to service more customers at a lower cost by moving calls to self-service. Well-designed IVR scripts enables your callers to quickly get the results they need, whether it be through self-service or live-agent assistance.

COCOS IVR enables you to:

  • reduce cost, improve efficiencies and improve customer satisfaction,
  • design an optimal IVR conversational flow and automate routine transactions,
  • personalize the IVR customer experience with CC/CIM/CRM integrations,
  • answer calls with pre-recorded automated messages,
  • implement smart call routing based on priorities, customer value and properties, agent skills,
  • capture customer data through IVR,
  • activate features such as: voice mail, call back, respond by sending email, fax, etc.,
  • make outbound IVR campaigns, which enables you to send personalized:
    • account activations,
    • appointment reminders,
    • surveys,
    • collection notifications, etc.
  • monitor events through IVR traffic statistic and reports,
  • create and edit IVR scripts through a simple graphic editor.
COCOS Auto Attendant (AA)

AA service enables PBX operator to automate reception of an incoming call, which should be traditionally received by a receptionist. The auto-attendant is also known as a digital receptionist. Having an auto-attendant in a phone system is a very useful and cost-effective feature for a business, as it replaces/helps the human operator by automating and simplifying the incoming phone call procedure and increase responsiveness.

In case of an incoming call, auto attendant with an introductory announcement informs and directs the caller. The call is given a welcome greeting with optional information (e.g. about working time of the company) and suggestion for dialling certain popular company numbers (e.g. help desk, marketing, sales… or receptionist). By dialling in DTMF mode the user can define where his call should be redirected. If target number is not available, the auto-attendant directs callers to the appropriate voicemail of the user to leave a message.

COCOS Voice Mail (VM)

In today's business world is expected that we are available at any time. In a work setting, customers and business people rely upon voice mail, both for leaving and sending messages, even when a person is not present.

By using of basic VM procedures, the user is able to manage his VM box proprieties and recorded messages.

Some of the COCOS Voice Mail features:

  • compatibility with the existing computer network and software,
  • easy administration,
  • recording of telephone messages,
  • received messages are provided with the time and date of acceptance and caller's number,
  • PIN or password protected access to voice mailboxes - you can listen to messages from your phone, email or web browser,
  • unlimited number of voice mailboxes,
  • automatic clearing of older voice messages, etc.
COCOS Conference Server (CONF)

In the age of globalization, working with people from different parts of the country / world is common for many industries. Employees often have to travel long distances, which are not only hectic, but also costly and time consuming for the company. Thanks to the status of the current economy, companies can no longer afford to spend extra money on travel expenses and accommodation. So, should we stop globalizing? No! Thanks to the marvellous advancement in modern computing, people from different parts of the world can now communicate without even leaving their own office.

CONF service enables the VSS operator to create multiuser call services (conferences), their users and participants and later on supervise the conference service behaviour. User can be assigned Simplex/Duplex way of communication. Invitation to the conference can be given by the means of e-mail. While entering the conference the user can be (depending on the conference service) asked to present himself by his PIN code. Calls in conference call services can be recorded for further evidence.

Several independent CONF services can be simultaneously active on the same CONF server. The total number of conference participants is limited by the number of available voice channel capacity.

COCOS Notification Server (NS)

The rapid development of telecommunication technologies has stimulated the need to use automated voice services, which enable you to dial a specific group of people at a certain time and event (in case of emergency, during marketing activities or in similar situations) and allow you to notify them about a specific event via pre-recorded voice message. The advantage of such systems is that they do the work for you by automating your manual process, plus they are fast and reliable. With NS you can call tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people at once with important information.

NS replaces use of passive answering machines and complements the work of agents, dispatchers and call centers. It enables you to build a large number of independent notification campaigns of different target groups. Campaigns are formed, initiated and monitored by the operator (moderator) of the service, using specific applications of the notification server.

Reception of the call can be optionally confirmed by user PIN. Result of the calls is being statistically observed and presented.

Several independent NS services can be simultaneously active on the same NS server. In case of massive notification handling the priorities of services an individual calls are taken into consideration.

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